The most popular card casino games on the internet

Luckily for fans, the range of casino games on offer is growing all the time. You only need to access our trusted online casino to see that we have an extensive catalogue of slots, roulette tables or blackjacks, each game with its own features and casino rules. What is the best online casino game? It is difficult to answer this question, as there are different tastes, and it all depends on the preferences of each player. Let’s discover the best casino games, 10 casino games to win by trying the different types of slots, roulette or blackjack.

As you know, each game has different variants. There are different types of roulette or blackjack, which also has several derivative games; not to mention the many slots options. We never tire of repeating the importance of knowing each game and its rules, what the mechanism is, the paylines and their relationship, and so on. The fact that winning is relatively easy or that the game mechanics are simple are two factors that help to popularise the game.

European blackjack

Although American blackjack has the most success, European blackjack is the original game. However, it is less popular and is not found in all casinos. In fact, in some casinos it does not appear at all, and if it does, it is easy to miss the European Surrender blackjack. However, they are always multi-hand, so that the same player can challenge the dealer with up to five hands, who will have to stand when he/she has between 17 and 21 points.

It is worth noting that in European blackjack, when the dealer’s visible card is an Ace, insurance bets apply, where half of the player’s initial bet is frozen until the dealer uncovers his second card. As in American blackjack, we can split bets – albeit only once – and can be guided by basic blackjack strategy in deciding whether to hit or not.


  • Surrender, multi-hand and split options.
  • Insurance bets if the dealer has an Ace.


  • Not all casinos offer it.


It is not as popular as American blackjack because it is less advantageous for the user, but if you like blackjack you should try it even in demo mode.


Blackjack has many derivatives, and one of the most popular is Pontoon, a game that is available at many online casinos. The value of the cards is the same and the mechanics of the game are similar, although as they are different games there are rules that change. The most obvious is that the dealer’s two cards are hidden until his turn begins, so the player must act blind. Another difference is that the player is obliged to draw if he has less than 15 or a soft 17 (17-7).

The player can double down whenever he feels like it and draw as many cards as he wants after that. What’s more, there is a trick known as the 5-card trick in which we accumulate up to 5 cards in hand without adding up to more than 21. In fact, it is the highest paying trick except for the Pontoon, the combination of an Ace and a Face, which adds up to 21. Adding 21 in any other way, for example with a 9 + 8 + 4 combination, would be behind Pontoon and the 5-card trick. In case of a tie, even with Pontoon, the dealer wins.


  • Very intuitive and dynamic gameplay.
  • We can double bet and ask for extra cards.


  • The dealer always wins a tie.


It is not one of the most common casino games, but it does have a certain popularity. A derivative of blackjack to consider for diversifying your options.


Depending on the online casino we use, we can find Baccarat, Baccara or Punto y banca, but these three casino games are actually the same, a derivative of blackjack where the objective is to reach 9 points and bet on the winner: the player, the dealer or the tie. To do this, the number cards retain their value, the Ace is worth 1 and the K, Q and J are worth nothing. However, you may not always find this game, as not all online casinos offer this interesting game.

Two cards are dealt to the player and two cards are dealt to the banker, and the value of the two cards is added together. If we go over 9, 10 is subtracted. Depending on the point total, either the player or the banker can ask for a third card, and whoever gets 9 points or closer wins. If we go over 9 again, 10 is subtracted again, so unlike in blackjack we cannot be eliminated. A draw pays 8 to 1, and a win 1 to 1 although if you win by betting on the dealer the dealer receives a 5% commission so ideally we would try to win it by betting on ourselves.


  • The player is never eliminated.
  • You can bet against yourself.


  • You need to understand the scoring system.


In all denominations it is a very interesting game, where we will always be active and have a chance to win. We can’t be eliminated like in blackjack.

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