Texas Holdem or Blackjack?

Texas Holdem and Blackjack: rules

Perhaps, rather than calling it an advantage, I think it can be said that they have a different style of play, they tend to play a lot more hands than if we were not or had not been 21 or black jack players. This is because blackjack is a fast game where many more hands are played than in Texas Holdem poker and therefore it is more difficult to be inactive at the tables.

This is a double-edged sword: if you are able to adapt to the game you can get a lot out of it. If, on the other hand, you become infected and are not able to blend in, you may end up giving up all your chips on a play that you should never have played and that you couldn’t or wouldn’t walk away from just because you need more action than the rest of the players who never were or are blackjack players.

What skills are cultivated by playing Blackjack that are useful for Texas Holdem?

In terms of advantages and skills as such, we believe that the blackjack player who switches to playing Texas Holdem poker might only have the ability to play many more hands than usual, which in turn is not a skill but sometimes a problem as the key is to know how to fold hands when it is difficult to make them winners.

Another skill, and this could always be considered a positive thing, would be to be methodical players, especially if when playing blackjack they always make the same decisions, for example to double down or hit at certain times. For Texas Holdem players it is also important to analyse every hand where they have to make an important decision and always play that hand the same way.

But let’s get back to the issue of playing many hands. And that is that normally, the player who comes from blackjack is certainly used to playing many more hands on average than the player who never played, due to the higher number of hands that play blackjack compared to Texas Holdem. If a good player uses that to his advantage by being aggressive it can be very validating in Texas holdem poker as on numerous occasions, both in poker tournaments and at cash game tables, Texas holdem players err on the side of conservatism. Although it is said that it is advisable to play only 15% of the starting hands in Texas Holdem, the truth is that raising that percentage to 35% could be something very interesting to improve our performance at a table where tight players abound. In any case, anyone who knows Texas Holdem has no problem knowing the value of blackjack cards.

Blackjack and Texas Holdem rounders

Is it possible to make a living playing Texas Holdem tournaments in land-based casinos while also playing blackjack? Or is it incompatible? In all honesty, to answer this question with a single answer I think the correct thing to say is that you can’t or shouldn’t for a number of reasons.

First of all, texas holdem poker requires many hours of play and a lot of sacrifice in order to win or try to win a good prize, blackjack however one can win a lot of money in a short time exposing also a lot of money if you want to win big. In other words, it is possible that everything you win after 12 hours of playing a texas holdem tournament can be lost in just ten minutes of blackjack, or conversely, you can win a lot of money in a short time at blackjack and this amount can be more than you would win in 12 hours of playing a texas holdem tournament.

In the end, what is clear is that these disciplines of the gaming halls generate different emotions, totally different sensations and we could say without fear of being wrong that mixing strategies could even affect in making the right decisions in the game we are playing and adding extra pressure.

Obviously, if we are talking about a professional poker player, be it Omaha Hi or other poker games such as Texas Holdem, we could say that he is never going to make decisions based on Blackjack, but perhaps he does have a discipline that he has somehow inherited from his experience with blackjack. In any case, we believe that in the case of players who are able to play within limits that do not affect their bankroll or state of concentration and find it helpful to disconnect from the profession of being a texas holdem player and play a few hands of blackjack, it is not a bad thing, especially if we know the rules of texas holdem and blackjack well.

Good streaks: better at Texas Holdem or Blackjack?

If you were on a hot streak, would you rather be a blackjack player or a texas holdem player? This is a difficult question to answer. But if you want to take advantage of the streaks or believe in them, it would be best to enjoy it as a texas holdem player because if you win a tournament in this type of poker, the prizes are usually big and multiply the initial investment by a lot, as it also happens in online slots.

In blackjack if you have a good streak, it is obvious that you can also win a lot, but it will depend on our bets, if they are small even if we have a good streak the profit will be small and if they are big the profit will be bigger. But unlike texas holdem, where the jackpots can be huge, in blackjack the winnings on each hand will usually be double the amount played.

Obviously, blackjack is a game where with a good run you can also win a lot, and the advantage is that the game is played individually without regard to the other players, so you can stop playing and take your winnings at any time you see fit, unlike in texas holdem poker tournaments you must keep playing to the end if you want to be the winner.

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