The Java slot machine, the example of a bar slot machine turned online slot machine

In the 1980s marked the beginning of a golden age for gaming machines and slot machines. With regard to the latter, appropriate legislation was passed allowing them to be installed not only in arcades but also in bars and restaurants.

From this moment until today, the gaming sector joins the hotel and catering industry and the sector of on-site slots begins. With the advent of the Internet, this type of gambling would gradually allow the favourite bar slots of thousands of Spaniards to have their own version in the various online casinos in the country.

First of all, let’s remember that one of the legacies that bar slots like Java bring to the present day is the existence of systems for winning.

For example, it is common to see players who place a coin next to the buttons and move it when a particular spin comes up, others who change the value of the bet depending on other spins, and others who make their advances depending on the sound made by the coin when it falls into the deposit. All of this is common to see in more traditional gamblers, but in the reality of online slots, all of these practices have fallen into disuse.

Online casinos and slot machines

Although the online gaming industry is closely linked to that of game developers, the hundreds of titles launched each year by manufacturers such as Netent, Yggradassil or Novomatic are in some cases based on titles or themes that have proven to be successful in face-to-face gaming.

And especially in countries like Spain, the most legendary slot machines that for years were enjoyed in the bars and restaurants of our cities have successfully managed to have a version in the most popular online casinos.

This is why classic slots such as “El Tesoro de Java”, “La Perla del Caribe” or “La Granja” have become undisputed successes in the regulated casinos of the Spanish market, which since 2015 have been able to offer online slots in their gaming offer.

The Treasure of Java slot replicates a classic jungle adventure in search of the mythical treasure. The theme of adventure slots is still very popular among slot game fans, both in the bar and online.

Bar Slots in Online Format

The original game comes from the classic bar slots environment, which were able almost a decade ago to present the player in a wagon as an explorer who can get huge prizes through the thousands of possible combinations that allows this machine that in its original version has advances. And as many online slot manufacturers have realised, for example NYX, the more classic themes that have worked for years are perfect for adaptation to the online format.

We can see all the features of the original game in this video we found on Yotube, which gives you an idea of how any online slot version is based on the original design of a traditional slot machine.

In addition to having a main screen where bonuses and advances are what serve to liven up the spins, among the features of the Treasure of Java slot, there are many mini-games reserved for the top.

Java Treasure slot features

As with many of real money slots, this slot has three reels and an upper screen, which is used to play the bonus games, also known as mini-games.

As for that top screen, what is most surprising is that they have been able to integrate up to 6 mini-games in that area of the slot, something that recalls the origins of the traditional slot that for years we have been able to enjoy in bars and restaurants.

Broadly speaking, we could say that this is a perfect adaptation of what a bar slot is, so it is a representation of the traditional games of Spain.

Traditional slots

The Narcos slot is an example of the thematic shift in online slots.

At Casino, just as we boast the success of bringing the Street Fighter slot to online casinos, managing to replicate the universe of this famous classic slot game is something to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s because of the atypical functionality of the mini-games available or because it’s certainly an adaptation of one of the adventure slots that have marked the history of gambling , the Java slot is a perfect game to at least try out.

The mini-game functionality is typical of traditional Spanish slots. Another of the most popular slots, the Granja slot also shows us (we see it in this video) how we can obtain huge prizes.

For the player of physical bar slots, the key question when deciding to try an online slot is the payment method and the reliability and honesty of the product.

Online Slots and Responsible Gambling

The great attraction of offline bar or restaurant slots is that they are paid in cash and instantly; but also that on each machine you can see the operating licence of the slot, which guarantees that the distribution of prizes is fair and adjusted to the percentage shown.

But don’t worry, on the Internet, when it comes to a regulated market such as the Spanish one, where the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling – dependent on the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs – has even more guarantees if possible:

  • The “Random Number Generator” (RNG). The chances of winning are guaranteed, regardless of the minimum stake.
  • A product that, like any state lottery, is audited and reviewed by a public body (DGOJ-licensed certification laboratory), where it is verified not only that it complies with the guidelines but also that it follows the indications regarding responsible gambling and, above all, that the randomness is accompanied by the stability of the software, both at the mobile application level and when playing from a browser.

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